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Student Document Application
1. If you apply for any of the following certificates: Chinese/English Certification of Matriculation, English Certification of Degree Conferral, or English Certification of Enrollment, bring payment receipt to Registrar's Section in Taipei Campus or Academic Affairs Section in Taoyuan Campus.
2. English version diploma: Only University's students may apply here for an English diploma. Each person will only be issued one diploma. If the diploma is lost, or additional proof of graduation is required, or in the case of Ming Chuan College graduates, please apply for an English Certification of Degree Conferral.
3. Those who representative others must bring their own ID card and Power of Attorney for verification.(Download Power of Attorney:
4. The information collected on this form is only used in the range and region required for the purposes of holding academic affairs data management and university affairs analysis; the period of keeping the information on file is based upon the activity. You will have rights in accordance with Item 5, Article 3 of Personal Information Protection Act. Please refer to MCU Guidelines for Personal Information Protection Management and MCU Personal Information Management System at URL for further understanding of MCU personal information management policy, regulations and contact information.
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Please fill in your English name as on your passport for applying documentations in English version.
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