MCU Motto
Ming Chuan University promotes adherence to the national motto of “Faithfulness, Piety, Benevolence, Compassion, Sincerity, Righteousness, Harmony, Peace” along with the common school motto of “Politeness, Righteousness, Humility, Nobility.” In addition, MCU has adopted the motto of “Honesty, Modesty, Respect, Fortitude.”
  • Honesty: being a person of integrity, honest, not deceptive
  • Modesty: being a person of substance, not mere appearance, prudent in dress and deed
  • Respect: being a person of refinement, responsible and mannerly
  • Fortitude: being a person of endurance, always advancing, never retreating
Overall, this supports the spirit of “Enduring reliably, working hard to the end.” This describes Ming Chuan’s spirit and most important characteristic, desiring to nurture excellent, contributing citizens for the broader society, leading to magnificent achievements.
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