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   Congratulations for achieving ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

Department of Biotechnology is promoting an English-taught innovative curriculum for Quality Agriculture Management.

What's New

2016/06/14 Funding Opportunity (MOST) College Student Participation in Research Projects
Teacher : Chang, Yu-Chung / Lin, Han-Tso

2016/03/23 The poster exhibition of research and achievements, and grand opening of applied 
                   biotech laboratory


2016/03/01 DNA workshop registration starts March 1st

2015/07/15 News in the department Aquaponic farm.

Congratulations to Zhan Haoxiang, Yang Mingrui, Lin Yining, You Bingsheng, received 
                  103-year Hao Xiaolan alumni dream plan scholarships for 100,000 yuan.
2014/06/06 The Department is pleased to congratulate the master's program aluminum 
                      on their successful admission to the doctoral program

                            Zhang Jiayuan      National Taiwan University            Biochemical technology
                             Ye       Shuping     National Taiwan University            Molecular and cell biology
                             Liang  Guanhan    National Yang Ming University      Microbes and immunity

2013/11/26 Aquarium lab and Hydroponics lab have been set up and running! 
Welcome to visit.

2012/07/31 Congratulations!!! Shi-Si Huang was awarded the Research Creativity Award from
                   the National Science Council.

2012/02/21 Congratulations!!!The department signed contract with Jen-Hsiang National Co. Ltd.,
                   for cooperation plan  between these two organizations.

2012/02/03 The quartz crystal microbalance (QCM), micro-plate spectrophotometer, and
                   flow injection, FI, micro total analysis system have arrived. Everyone is welcome to
                   use these newly-arrived instruments.

2011/11/01 The graduate student, Chi-Huang Chang, was awarded in the 2011 workshop of
                   lactic acid for the best thesis presented along with cash reward. Cheers!!!

2011/09/04 Congratulations!!! The department and Phalanx Biotech have signed a contract
                   on future cooperation.

2009 09/13 Congratulations!  The team, fighting Pioneers for healthy stomachs, led by Prof.
                   Yi-Shein Chen
was awarded the copper medal for 
                   2009 Crazy Idea (Supremacy of Application) in the division of Competitions
                   for the Achievement of Creativity and Application in Biotechniques.

2009 05/20 The Team of Fermentation Engineering in our department has commercialized
                   its critical techniques and signed a contract with a company for technology transfer.  
                   So far, two cases of technology transfer have been completed by this team. 
2008 12/09 A brief but comprehensive protocol for the production of black garlic has
                   been successfully developed in the  Department of Biotechnology at MCU.

                           garlic                     garlic and aged black garlic              aged black garlic                    

2008/11/14 Congratulations!  The members in the research team of Dr. Yi-sheng Chen 
                   in the department were awarded a silver medal for their work, amazing
                   anti-bacteria spray
, by Taiwan Food Innovation Competition.

2008/10/15 Congratulations!  Students under the guidance of Dr. Chien-wei Cheng were awarded
                   a gold medal of Competition  for the Achievement of Creativity and Application
                   in Biotechniques at the college student level for their research product,  PILI BEER,
                   by the Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs.


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